Il Cibo in Italia e nel Mondo

Topic: Cibo in Italia e nel mondo (Food in Italy and in the world)

Key vocabulary:
1. Cibo (Food): Substance that is eaten to provide nutritional support for the body.
2. Italiano (Italian): A person or thing from Italy.
3. Gastronomia (Gastronomy): The study of the relationship between food and culture.
4. Piatti tipici (Traditional dishes): Local dishes that are specific to a region or country.
5. Ricette (Recipes): A set of instructions for preparing a particular dish.
6. Sapori (Flavors): The taste of a particular food or drink.
7. Agricoltura (Agriculture): The science or practice of farming.
8. Mercati (Markets): A place where goods are bought and sold.
9. Cucinare (To cook): To prepare food using heat.
10. Sapore (Taste): The quality of a particular food or drink that is perceived by the sense of taste.

1. Qual è il tuo cibo preferito? (What is your favorite food?)
2. Hai mai assaggiato piatti tipici italiani? (Have you ever tried traditional Italian dishes?)
3. Qual è il tuo ristorante preferito nella tua città? (What is your favorite restaurant in your city?)
4. Credi che la cucina italiana sia famosa in tutto il mondo? (Do you think Italian cuisine is famous all over the world?)
5. Cosa ti piace cucinare di solito? (What do you usually like to cook?)
6. Qual è il tuo piatto preferito di cucina straniera? (What is your favorite dish from foreign cuisine?)
7. Conosci qualche ricetta italiana? (Do you know any Italian recipes?)
8. Quali sono i tuoi sapori preferiti? (What are your favorite flavors?)
9. Cosa pensi dell’importanza dell’agricoltura nella produzione del cibo? (What do you think about the importance of agriculture in food production?)
10. Qual è il mercato del cibo più famoso della tua città? (What is the most famous food market

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